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Simple checks before you call

You may not need to call technicians to come and help you figure out what might be wrong with your unit. Presented below are a few of the reasons why a furnace may stop working as well as simple fixes you can do yourself. However, it is recommended that you call Northern Energy Systems Inc. for regular maintenance to avoid constant breakdowns and improve the unit’s efficiency.

A cold guy: simple checks before you call for service.
  • Thermostat

When you realize that your furnace is not working, the very first place you should check is the thermostat. The heat will not turn on if the thermostat is off. Therefore, simply check the thermostat and batteries. Make sure it is turned on, then check to see that the temperature settings are also okay. Some units have options for heat, cool or auto. Check that setting is appropriate for the time of year.

  • Shutoff switches and breakers

Your furnace will stop working if it has been cut off from the power supply, and the simple fix to this is to check if all the switches are on. All furnaces will be connected to a standard wall switch or there will be a panel just next to the furnace from where it is connected to the power supply. When the shutoff switches and breakers are off, no power will be transmitted to the unit and it will not work.

  • Air filters

Plugged filters are unsafe and may cause the furnace to short cycle, over-heat and limit the amount of heat to the home.

air filters blocked by dirt
  • Gas turned off

It can be so embarrassing to call for furnace repair services only for the technician to tell you that your unit is not working because the gas is turned off. Before you make the call, check to ensure that the gas is turned on because there is no way the furnace is going to power on if the gas is off.

  • Exterior Exhaust

Clogged or blocked furnace exhaust flue is another reason why your furnace may stop working. This happens when dirt and debris access the flue, thus clogging it to hinder the free flow of air in it. Always ensure the outdoor area where your furnace exhausts is free and clear. This also includes monitoring for snow build up in the winter months.

  • Blocked or leaky ducts

    It is possible for the furnace to power on, but one or two rooms may still be cold. The common cause for this behavior may be blocked or leaky ducts. Northern Energy Systems Inc. can check your duct work for the presence of gaps or leaks, especially at the branch points. We also provide Duct Cleaning Service to ensure a free and clean flow of air.

Northern Energy Systems Inc. will never advocate working on your own furnace, however if you have eliminated these simple checks and still have an issue it’s time to call us.